Three60 Graduate Opportunities

Three60 Search have a well-established graduate division specialising in placing new graduates into careers within the recruitment profession.  Statistics show that 45% of new entrants into the recruitment industry drop out within the first twelve months.  This is primarily down to a mismatch, either in terms of your expectations of what being a recruiter actually involves or by choosing a role in the wrong market sector and/or agency.  

By securing your first recruitment role as a Three60 candidate, we can minimise the risk of such a mismatch by giving you the benfit of our extensive personal experience, as recruiters and graduates, to ensure you’re making the right choices.  In some cases, we may tell you that recruitment is possibly not the path for you!

We aim to give you a real insight into the tools you’ll need to put yourself ahead of the competition and go from new recruit to top biller within a matter of years.  

The interview process for a graduate/trainee Recruitment Consultant role can be rather daunting and we are here to assist you through the various stages.  We will give you constructive advice on your interview technique, body language, CV content, layout and structure as well as guidance on what each agency is looking for in a potential trainee.  We will provide you an inside track on the sector and its particular challenges, and an overview of current opportunities within all professional and commercial sectors of the recruitment industry.  

We offer you advice on how to carve a career within your chosen field of recruitment and how each one differs.  With an outstanding record in helping new recruiters onto the first rung of the ladder, we pride ourselves on assisting graduates into exciting careers within reputable companies, offering excellent training programmes and the right cultural fit for you.

If you have any questions about careers for graduates within the recruitment profession, don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Our consultants are always happy to offer a snapshot of current opportunities.