Our ultimate objective is for you to feel that Three60 is an extension to your internal recruitment team.  We appreciate that this level of integration takes time and effort, building up a longstanding relationship and the trust that goes with it.

There is no ‘quick fix’ and we don’t try to find one.  We will start with a comprehensive face to face meeting during which we will find out as much as possible about your company, its chosen market verticals, the structure of your existing teams and your plans and strategy for growth.

These are competitive times; genuine talent is scarce so it’s important that we are able to pass your key messages and ambitions on to potential new recruits, backed up by facts, figures and answers to the kind of questions that you would expect an experienced recruiter to ask.  

We want to find out where your business is heading, what skills you will need from your new people to help take you there and the right personality fit to ensure a happy, productive team.  We will need to find out what opportunities make your consultancy unique and what will differentiate you from your competition when taking the role to the market.

Once we have identified the right candidate we will do our utmost to secure them for you and keep you updated every step of the way. Our post-offer service is tight to ensure that the selected candidate remains on track and once in place we will keep in touch with the candidate (and you) until they have settled in.   We like to think of ourselves as a PR tool as well as a recruitment service, ensuring the noises about your agency within the industry are positive ones.